Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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We salute the feet of the amorous one of Vallavas, Who ties us with the passionate side long glances, Who is loved by people with blue lotus like eyes, And who has a lotus like face with lips engaged in a slight smile.

There is a tradition to worship Krishna as Gopala Sundari. He is the one who removes pains of the mind of sages, He is the one who stole the dress of the proud Vruja maidens, He is the one who stole the pride of Indra, the king of devas, And he is the one who entered my mind and stole it. Oh Sandhyavandana, let good befall you, Oh bathing, my salutations to you, Of Devas and manes, I am not good at Tharpana ritual, And so please pardon me for all that, And I wash of all my sins by sitting some where, And meditating on Krishna who is the ornament to Yadava clan, And who killed the bad man called Kamsa, And I believe that it is sufficient to do that and so what else is needed?

There are only three places where, Krishna the elephant can be tied, And they are the mortar, the mind of sages, And the pretty breasts of the gopa maidens.

Baloya malola vilochanena, Vakthrena chithrikrutha dingmukhena, Veshena goshachitha bhooshananena, Mugdhena dugdhenayanothsavam na. Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, With your broad eyes changing according to the context, Especially showing lovely emotions,when you talk with love To the Gopi maidens karnamruutham consisting of sweet nothings.

There is a thing in the world which contains the good of the entire world, That is seen often with the breasts of Lakshmi, That is always kept besides them and enjoyed by the holy people Who have shed their regal and base characters, That shines from the piles of flowers that fell from the wish giving trees. Karnarmutham when he heard this, he closed his eyes and told that night has come, And started pulling her upper dress and let that Krishna protect us.

I sing about the body of the Lord. Let the lotus like face of my Lord KrishnaWhich has two eyes, similar to the lotus buds, Which is full of the honey from, the pollen of the music from his flute, And which has clear cheeks shining like glass, Shine completely in my mind. May you live hundred years. I salute lord Krishna karnamrytham is the emerald gem, In the middle of the garland of the Vruja maidens, And who is the ornament for the breasts of Goddess Lakshmi And also an ornament for the entire universe.

Before my eyes grows fast the Krishna principle, Which is engaged in newer and newer plays every day, Which due to his pretty face wearing cooling smile, melts even the heart of Arundathi, And the prettiness of which is being appreciated by the love God himself, And which for ever lives in the breasts of pretty ladies of Vruja clan.


Victory, victory victory to God, Whose name brings all the good to the three worlds, Victory, victory, victory to the God child Krishna, Whose incarnation is sweet to hear and see and to the mind. Oh Lord I salute your capable feet, Which are ornamented by gem studded anklets, And which shine when they walk in a simple fashion, Creating foot prints in the streets of Vruja. Oh God, let there be few or thousands of very lucky people, Let there be very many people competing to be most pretty, Let the God of love, Indra and others compete for this, But I do not consider them as some one worth competing, For telling the real truth, in prettiness or in being lucky, Being in their acme, it is only in you and you only.

My mind is illuminated by the pretty wonderful light form, Whose shining hair is decorated by peacock feathers, Who has a face which is ebbing with sweetness, Who shines with the new youthfulness, Who plays the flute that produces the nectar like musicAnd who is surrounded and worshipped by GopisHaving slightly thick breast tips.

Vaksha sthale cha vipulam nayanothpale cha, Mandasmithe cha mrudulam madha jalpithe cha, Bimbadhare cha madhuram muralee rave cha, Balam vilasa nidhi maakalaye kadha nu?.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

I am being watched by his eyes full of enthusiasm, From the distance by that God, Who walks playfully like an elephant, And then with bewitching music from his flute, Along with sweet lips, he is coming near me.

When will my heart get drowned in that great light, Which is respected and celebrated by all those who do good deeds, Which has two ears which enjoys the nectar like music of the flute, Which is a bee that drinks the honey from, The lotus like faces of the pretty ladies of Vruja. Who will not want to see forever the sweet light of the God, Which has red lips, which has shifting eyes similar to a coward, Which is full of the wonderful light that is full of joy, And which has the nectar of smile and has a face filled with joy.

My mind kisses again and again the lotus like face, With its pretty divine red eyes, And with a very sweet lips And makes all the devotees happy.

Our eyes are thirsting to see your childhood form, Where your hair was made up by using peacock feathers, When you were worshipped by lotus like eyes of Gopis, And when your face used to defeat moon as well lotus by its looks. We have to daily chant and chant during noon for getting wealth, That name of God Mukunda who is being saluted by devas, Who shines like the kuruvinda flowers, Who has eyes like blue lotus, who is always surrounded by cows and Gopis, Who has won over hoards of enemies, who smiles with teeth which are like jasmine buds, Who is very pretty being decorated by the feathers of the peacock, Who has a pretty hair on his head, who is shining in his yellow silk dress.


Let my mind constantly dwell on the feet of Krishna, Who is a help to the ladies of Vruja, who has a body blessed with youth, Who has all the good living in him, who has a smile with his jasmine bud like teeth, Who is the sun to the lotus mind of sages and son of king Nanda gopa. I greatly respect the lotus like feet of the divine God, Which is celebrated by the top most part of Vedas, Which are searched by great yogis with great effort, And is found in the wet cow dung all over Vruja.

If you want to hear great words which were not told, And if you want to hear them from me, please hear. Let me get merged in the sweetness of Krishna, Who completes the surroundings by the musical notes, Starting from his flute controlled by his lotus like hands, And who has jewel like lips which always wear, A wave of smile due to his ever joyous nature.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

I depend on the greatly shining form of a child Who defeats the sapphire by his light, who plays flute, whose prettiness is sweet, Who has the wonderful property of love, who is worshipped by Radha, Who is like a sea of prettiness, who transcends ordinariness, And has a naturally smiling face which is like the just opened lotus flower.

Some of the karanmrutham for this are. He thanked Lord Krishna for karhamrutham the true destiny of his life and immersed himself in devotional service to Lord Krishna. The Swamiyar used to reject all those sloka that did not get His approval.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

How karnsmrutham it that though he was a boy he lifted a mountain, Though he is blue in colour, he shows light in darkness, Though he is brave he is tied by the eyes of Radha, Though a secret lover, he saves us from domestic life?

And which is praised and prayed by Radha. Let actions karnamruthzm than those good be destroyed, By the illicit lover appreciated by the world, By the one who can be attained by thoughts of BrahmaAnd one whose splendour is greater than sapphire. In Gokula, to satisfy the loud complaints against Krishna, His mother tied him at the belly with the rope used to tie cows.

Let us be protected by the king of Yadhus, Who is surrounded by Gopa and Gopis, Who while sitting on the throne, put a Thilaka by musk, On the forehead of Rukhmani sitting on his lap, Touching with glee her breasts, Which lead to a smile at each other, Which was the worship of the God of love they both did.

Oh God who plays the lute, I keep on hunting for your face, Which is having, a big crop of hair, Which is decorated, by peacock feathers, Which has eyes, that keep on shifting, Which has red pretty lips, similar to Bimba [7] fruits, Which has a soft smile, which is similar to honey, And which at first look itself appears as generous.