by. Katherine Albrecht (Goodreads Author), Welcome to the world of spychips, where tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand will trace everyday. Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), an organization she founded in to. Dr. Katherine Albrecht. 10K likes. Dr. Katherine Albrecht is a Consumer Privacy Expert, Bestselling Author, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host.

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And its all true. While manufacturers and the government want you to believe that they would never misuse the technology, the future looks like an Orwellian nightmare when you consider the possibilities of surveillance and tracking these chips embody.

If you want a glimpse of how not only Big Brother but all the corporations in search of gathering more and more data on you via the use of RFID chips, this book will scare the heck outta you! She regularly speaks on the consumer privacy and civil liberties impacts of new technologies, with an emphasis on RFID and retail issues.

Sep 26, Pages Buy. McIntyre is perhaps best known for her lively, accessible treatment of technical topics as the MoneyMom, a family money writer and columnist. Her success exposing corporate misdeeds has earned her accolades from Advertising Age and Business Week and caused pundits to label her a PR genius. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Be the first one to write a review. Oct 22, Katy rated it liked it. It’s a truly creepy book and well worth reading. Please help by adding reliable sources. Full of paranoid, worst case scenario what ifs, little actual info.

Uploaded by Haphaestus on May 2, Katherine Albrecht is a consumer privacy advocate and spokesperson against radio-frequency identification RFID. Strangers will be able to scan the contents of your purse or briefcase from across a room. Liz McIntyre is an award-winning investigative writer with a flair for exposing corporate shenanigans and bureaucratic misdeeds.


Stay in Touch Sign up. Analysts envision a time when the system will be used to identify and track every item on the planet, including you. Face it folks the Orwellian state is here.

Combining massive amounts of research with firsthand reporting, Spychips explains the new RFID technology [which couples radio frequency with highly miniaturized computers] And reveals the history and future of the master planners’ strategies to embed these trackers on everything – from postage stamps to shoes to people themselves – and spy on Americans without our knowledge or consent.

Some very good information on RFID technology though. It is scary what these big corporations think they can put over on us. In this startling, eye-opening book, you’ll learn how albrecut corporations are planning a future where: In the book itself, Albrecht has the opportunity to make a stronger case but the evidence is extraordinarily katherinr.

Listen to Katherine Albrecht. Spycuips its happening right under our noses.

When the purchaser of an item returns, their “exact identity” can be determined from any tags they have with or spcyhips them and the tags can be “used to monitor the movements of the person through the store or other areas. Sep 25, K. I prefer that messianic authors do a better job of hiding their message.

The authors ignore the importance of a thriving black market. Katherine Albrecht has honed in on the outcomes of this type of world, where chips are everywhere.

Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID

It’s chilling to read this because the common man or woman on the streets h Definitely not a “Light Read”. Nov 11, E.


Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested in what global corporations and the governments are calling “the hottest new technology since the bar code. Jolting “what-if” scenarios if you value your privacy. This is a damn scary book. You will begin to wonder just how deep and secretive these companies can be in your life.

She is allbrecht resident of Nashua, New Hampshire. I don’t psychips to seem paranoid but the implications contain in this book are disturbing.

Katherine Albrecht – Wikipedia

Albrecht devised the term ” spy chips ” to describe RFID tags such as those embedded in passport kayherine and certain enhanced United States driver’s licenses. Published October 2nd by Thomas Nelson first published The surgically implanted “Medical” chip idea. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. From what I read it is unavoidable. Jul 23, Mike rated it it was amazing.

This book is a clarion call to take action now – to protect our privacy and civil liberties before it’s too late. Well, you should, because in just a few short years, this explosive new technology could tell marketers, criminals, and government snoops everything about you.

This seemingly innocuous commercial maneuver will inevitably turn our society into a Big Brother nightmare. The authors were knowledgeable enough about the albbrecht to know that it is pointless to resist. Interesting enough, but a little on the paranoid side.

Actually, they don’t envision the nightmare much. Ok boys and girls, time to get out your tinfoil hats because it’s the end of the world.