A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees She wasn’t his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat. The other day I was in the mood for a Contemporary Romance that was a little bit more on the sexy side. Think something like Toni Blake’s. A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees She wasn’t his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat Celebrity .

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In just a few easy steps below, you can become an hkt reviewer. You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. Good Reading From Amazon This book was a very good read. I loved the chemistry between Bryce and Jenna. I am hoping that this book is the first in the series for the McCabe sisters and the Ryder brothers.

From Amazon Bryce Ryder is a celebrity chef but mostly known as a ladies’ man. After some bad publicity concerning certain inappropriate comments about women someone starts messing with his business and livelihood, his restaurant and TV show. He soon calls in the big guns. Hi old friend, now a businesswoman who’s built a successful public relations and marketing company. What he didn’t expect was to see the shy girl he remembers being so take-charge and irresistible.

Jenna’s being in love with Bryce since they were 17 and has been waiting for him to show some interest. Although, much to her chagrin, he’s only ever been interested in being friends.

Now that he needs her help to fix his reputation, she’s determined to make her fantasies about him come true, and have him fall in love with her. Hot in Here is a contemporary erotic romance and follows as Bryce and Jenna go from friend to lovers. While the romance is super hot, sopihe also sweet.

Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

Jenna’s been pining for Bryce for ten long years and sophoe gets a chance to win Bryce’s heart. I definitely enjoyed reading the book. Bryce seemed a strong, alpha male without being too overpowering and he was my favorite character. I didn’t like much that Jenna waited ten years to ht her move! And at times, she annoyed me a little because she was really cautious with her feelings but also distrustful sophei someone who had been her friend for ten years, you’d think she knew him by now.

So she got on my nerves a bit but Bryce made up for it, he’s charming and some one’s willing to go after what he wants. Renwick has set up a very nice series here. She’s introduced some sophif characters that while it seemed a little obvious in how previous books will go the way she hinted at things, I do look forward to seeing how things turn out.

Overall, Hot in Here is a hot, romantic story with steamy sex scenes and great characters. He’s a mega-popular celebrity chef with his own restaurant and cooking show.

He thought he had everything worked out since his time with the wicked witch Chrissy, who almost cost him his beloved restaurant as well as all of his savings. Now, some crazy reporter is spreading lies that could cost him his dreams and his plans. Thank God Jenna is here, she always saves the day, she’ll make it right.


If she can just come up with a plan that he can live with. As Bryce sits down with Jenna, he notices something distinctly different, she’s more self possessed, more sure of herself, and damn, she looks better and hotter than he’s ever seen her. What’s going on with her. And the plan she comes up with, be seen dating an average girl instead of the size zero’s he been dating.

He likes the kind that don’t except anything. But he would love someone who could appreciate his fine skills as a chef, both in the kitchen and out. Jenna has known Bryce for her whole life, since he moved to Lucan in middle school when she dump her meatloaf in his lap.

He’s cute, sweet, and walking talking sex appeal. If he could only see her as something more than a friend, but Chrissy has almost ruined him for all women. Now all he can wants is the convenient one night stand. Jenna wants the whole deal, ring, wedding, kids.

Jenna has a plan, it’s her birthday tomorrow, and she can’t think of a better present than Bryce.

If only she can get him to realize that she’s more than Jenna McCabe, friend and girl next door. But, as usually Bryce takes her for granted.

Hot in Here

This is really starting to tick Jenna off. As Jenna storms out of his restaurant, Bryce can’t help but wonder what’s up with her. His brother, Titus, mentions that maybe it’s his thoughtlessness, not even remembering her birthday. God, he did forget, but he renwicl take care of this oversight by whipping her up a fantastic birthday dessert.

Jenna could never refuse his cooking.

When he rings Jenna’s bell, she answers in her babydoll pj’s as his eyes pop out of his head. Could this be his Jenna?

Jenna the girl next door, Jenna that is his best friend? As they cozy up on the couch, preparing to eat his fantastic dessert, he can’t keep his thoughts away from Jenna. Bryce comes to realize doesn’t want to keep his thoughts away from Jenna, Jenna who he has always thought of as his. He can’t keep his thoughts away, or his hands, lips Hoh Jenna has become his dish du jour.

Who knew food could be so much fun. This is what Jenna has always desired, a night with renwixk Bryce, but what will she do now? It isn’t a casual fling for her. She’s in love so deep, she doesn’t know if she can keep her hete above water. Sarah, her sister, would tell her to go with her heart, but Rachel from work would say to play it cool. If she goes with her heart, Bryce might run. If she plays it cool, her heart might break.

: Hot in here () : Sophie Renwick : Books

Bryce is too sweet a dish to pass up. Trey, Bryce’s older brother, tries to push Bryce toward Jenna knowing his brother’s desires better than his own.

Together Sarah and Trey conspire to keep these two together. But are there other matters cooking between Sarah and Trey, her secret heart’s desire? As Bryce and Jenna delve deeper into what could be, Bryce comes to the realization that Jenna is everything gere heart desires and more, but ssophie new Jenna may not feel the same.


His life is forever changed after grabbing Jenna in Italy and becoming captivated by her heart, body, and soul. He realizes he loves Jenna. Where can this lead? Will he ever be able to let her go? It’s the story of a top chef, Bryce Ryder, with his own cooking show that he fears his loyal audience will abandon after getting some bad press.

Hiring Jenna McCabe’s firm may be the only thing that saves the day. Jenna is his best friend, someone he can always turn to; someone he can trust. But can he trust her with his heart. Bryce is an unsure hero, unsure of himself, bruised by the reality of life. He’s vowed never to be put in a position where he’ll be used again; never to give his heart to love.

Bryce is actually a kind and decent man, he cares for others around him, willing to give his time, effort, or money. He doesn’t need to take credit or have accolades. The one thing he needs to learn to trust his instincts; those instincts that are telling him to give it all to Jenna, take the love he sees in her heart and soul. Jenna has always been the outcast, never one of the beautiful people.

That’s what happens to a girl who’s a size fourteen in a size zero world. Jenna is a heroine who has been slightly damaged by life, who has learned lessons the hard way; who has had to fight her way to making a name for herself. She used to been timid, but not anymore. And there’s still a chance she could lose it all; all it takes is one failed business deal. Her family farm is in trouble and she doing everything in her power to save it.

She’s loved the beautiful Bryce her whole life, but is he ready to hear the truth and is she ready to tell it. Is he the same Bryce or has he changed? When Bryce and Jenna come together, it definitely heats up the atmosphere with sparks that blow the mind. Bryce is a consuming lover that is willing to give and needs to take. His need for Jenna becomes a force in his life, a force that Jenna has wanted her whole life.

Hot in Here is a great debut contemporary romance for Sophie Renwick. It’s funny, sweet, adventurous, hot, and sexy. The setting is beautiful with a backdrop into rural life and the sweet lands of Italy. This was an incredibly fast, fun read and I enjoyed it immensely. Hot in Here reviewed by twolipsreviewed.

Bryce has never though of her as more than a friend till now. Suddenly he wants her and Jenna cannot figure out why. The more things heat up, the more Jenna is falling in love with Bryce. When she find out he used her to get his image cleaned up, though, all best are off.