gestasyonel diyabet. Meanings of “gestasyonel diyabet” with other terms in English Turkish Dictionary: 1 result(s). Category, Turkish, English. Medical. Amaç: Gestasyonel diyabet (GDM) öyküsü olan kadınlar yaşamlarının ilerleyen dönemlerinde artmış tip 2 di. Amaç: Bu çalışmanın amacı gestasyonel diyabet mellitus (GDM) açısından yüksek riskli gebelerde glukagon b.

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Previous gestational diabetes mellitus pGDM is associated with an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes gestasyone DM. Previous studies have shown that women with pGDM feature cardiovascular risk markers, such as obesity, insulin resistance, subclinical inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction 1,2. Endothelial dysfunction is a key event in the development of atherosclerosis. Researchers have studied markers of endothelial function to determine the particular risk of developing atherosclerosis in selected populations 3,4,5,6.

The levels of these markers are found to be associated with early stage of atherosclerosis which was considered by non-invasive assessments, such as ultrasonography of diyabett carotid artery, namely by measuring carotid intima media thickness, and ankle-arm index bestasyonel apparently healthy people with certain cardiovascular risk factors 7,8,9.

It has been shown in previous studies that fibrinolytic malfunction leads to atherosclerosis in patients with insulin-resistance. Once the coagulation system gets activated, tissue factor and factor FVIIa generate thrombin. The next step is the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin.

This is followed by adaptive mechanisms, such as plasmin-mediated fibrinolysis that is triggered by the activation of plasminogen to plasmin which is catalyzed by tissue-type plasminogen activator t-PA.

Fibrinolysis, in turn, solubilizes the fibrin structures that one can call clot lysis. This process ends up with the formation of fibrin degradation products. There are some inhibitors of this fibrinolytic process. Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 PAI-1 is the most significant inhibitor of this system that works by reducing the activity of fibrinolysis mainly by putting an inhibitory signal on t-PA.

As a result, thrombosis is promoted by decreased fibrinolytic activity which is maintained by the suppressed activation of plasminogen caused by elevated levels of PAI-1 Previous studies have suggested that insulin resistance modulates circulating levels of the coagulation factors. It has been also shown that the levels of these markers are correlated with inflammation, as determined by the sensitive inflammatory marker C-reactive protein CRP Ninety patients with pGDM and 40 age-matched controls were enrolled.

Gestational diabetes mellitus GDM was diagnosed according to the modified Carpenter and Coustan criteria Healthy controls were selected from hospital staff without any known diseases. Women with DM, thyroid dysfunction, severe chronic kidney disease or liver disease and those on chronic medication known to influence carbohydrate metabolism or hemostasis were excluded.

All subjects gave written informed consent. All subjects were evaluated after 10 hours fasting. Weight, height, and waist circumference were measured. Height was recorded to the nearest 0. Girth measurements were estimated as the average of duplicate measures. Waist circumference WC was measured from the mid-level between the iliac crest and the lowest rib, and the hip circumference at the trochanter major level to the nearest 0. Blood was drawn between 8: Blood samples were transferred into tubes containing fluoride for plasma glucose assay, buffered citrate for hemostatic markers, and tubes suitable for serum separation.


Samples were centrifuged for a minimum 10 min at 3.

Gestasyonel diyabet: Güncel durum.

Glucose was measured by the hexokinase method Hitachi, Tokyo, Japan. Lipids gestasyyonel measured by enzymatic reactions Hitachi, Tokyo, Japan. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used for assessment of variable distribution. Continuous variables were compared by the independent t-test. Chi-square test was used for comparison of categorical variables.

To avoid confounding factors, such as the effect of BMI on studied parameters, partial correlation analysis was performed. The characteristics of subjects are presented in Table 1. Women with pGDM and healthy diyabbet did not differ in means of age, postpartum duration and smoking habits.

Women with pGDM had higher fasting glucose, postprandial glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglyceride levels than controls.

Increased levels of endothelium-dependent hemostatic factors may be associated with increased cardiovascular risk in women with pGDM 15,16,17, Exalted plasma PAI-1 level is the key feature of insulin resistance 23, There are numerous studies reporting elevated levels of PAI-1 in type 2 DM 25 as well as in non-diabetic overweight and obese individuals 26,27 and those with metabolic syndrome Plasma concentration of PAI-1 has previously been used as a surrogate marker of endothelial damage 5, Increased amounts of intraabdominal adipose tissue contribute directly to the pathogenesis of subclinical inflammation, insulin resistance and endothelial dysfunction Women with pGDM had insulin resistance, obesity, dyslipidemia and elevated plasma levels of endothelium-dependent hemostatic factors compared to healthy controls.

A significant number of women with pGDM displayed classical features of metabolic syndrome. In the present study, we studied a group of women with pGDM, a population known to be at increased risk of developing type 2 DM 31, TFPI is a vascular anticoagulant that can cause an inhibition in the tissue factor associated steps of coagulation.

TFPI is mainly synthesized in the endothelial cells, but the mechanisms by which TFPI is bound to and released diaybet the endothelial cells have not been entirely elucidated It has been shown that elevated TFPI is associated with endothelial dysfunction in diabetic patients with coronary heart disease, and speculated to be an indicator of subclinical atherosclerosis 6,18, In a previous study, Sakkinen et al.

In pGDM women without any traditional cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and impaired glucose tolerancewe found higher levels of CRP, fibrinogen, PAI-1 and TF. Our data suggests that a low-grade inflammation state and endothelial dysfunction could festasyonel present independently of other cardiovascular risk factors in women with previous GDM. This finding is in line with a study by Di Cianni et al. Our findings may be partly explained by the presence of central obesity in women with pGDM.

We should note that WHR was different between the subgroup of women with pGDM, who had no traditional gestasuonel risk factor, and healthy controls. Visceral adiposity is associated with insulin resistance, and it is one of the main factors contributing to the development of atherosclerosis. Our study had several limitations. First, we did not exclude women who were at lactation period. It is not known if lactation has any effect on the levels of endothelium-dependent hemostatic factors.


No insulin clamp study was performed. Third, central obesity was evaluated by waist circumference and WHR. No imaging studies were performed. Women with pGDM had increased levels of endothelium-dependent hemostatic factors which may contribute to increased cardiovascular risk.

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Even in pGDM women without any traditional cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, gestadyonel and impaired glucose tolerancelevels of CRP, fibrinogen, PAI-1 and TF were elevated. Our data suggest that a low-grade inflammation state and endothelial dysfunction could be present independently of other cardiovascular risk factors in women with pGDM. Surgical and Medical Practices: Plasma adiponectin, insulin sensitivity, and subclinical inflammation in women with prior gestational egstasyonel mellitus.

The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in a danish population of women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus is three-fold higher than in the general population.

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