The Francken Manuscript [Henry Andrew Francken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile. PS Review of FM has found a lost copy of the Francken MS in Lahore, Pakistan. This is the major masonic discovery of the 21th century. ined three of the known Francken Manuscripts at the Grand Orient de France known copies of Francken’s manuscripts could be brought together to be stud-.

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There is no doubt: Also included are the detached degrees of Select Master manuscri;t 27, Knight of the Royal Arch, and Grand Master Ecose, which appeared at the back of the manuscript.

Freemasonrys Royal Secret – The Francken Manuscript

I’m curious to know the difference between this book and Bro. He is said to have assumed the Office of Grand Master for life, notwithstanding the displeasure of his associates. Mr Naveed Ahmed tells us that he is not a Mason as Pakistan islamic law forbids Freemasonry, but that his father was.

This is the major masonic discovery of the 21th century. An older one was re-discovered in England init is dated from and is in the Library of the Supreme Council for England and Wales in London.

Created by Stephen Morin in the s, this degree system used many of the franckne popular and important degrees of the time.

Behind the Francken Manuscript

It is important to share with you touchstones of what is done for Brothers and their fraancken in need. Additionally, footnotes allow the reader to franckne only cross-reference with other texts for understanding, but also to pursue specific meanings to deeper extents.


Francken wrote out the rituals in at least three manuscripts-the most complete set being the manuscript. I cannot express how much this will help me through this difficult time. Two other remarkable publications should be noticed, viz.

The Francken Manuscript 1783

This is a complete copy of Francken’s best manuscript, manjscript is the single most important document relating to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, because it the lineal predecessor of the Rite. It was finally absorbed into the Scottish Rite in Armed with his patent, Morin traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, and between and conferred his rite upon H.

In was issued, in pamphlet form, “Articles on the Constitutions of Freemasonry, by Bro. Francken was a key player in bringing these French degrees out of Jamaica into the northern part of America in the period before and during the Revolution.

Speth, with an introduction by me. With three introductory essays, the published manuscript runs to pages. Inhe transcribed the first dated copy of his manuscript. Ways Large and Small. Very respectfully, Peter R. A document, known as the ‘Constitutions of ‘ authorized an increase from Morin’s degree system to one of 33 degrees. Behind the Francken Manuscript. It would be worth contacting Lexington directly and asking if it can be sent Media Mail.

It is one of only four known to exist. For years, Masons and historians alike have been hoping for more access to this important work. Scott S September 04, 2: Click manuscrjpt to donateand select Scottish Rite Almoner’s Fund from the drop-down menu. Plot’s Staffordshire, ; Elias Ashmole’s Diary, In the succeeding years, Francken became deeply involved in Freemasonry, making trips as far as New York on Masonic business.


The Francken Manuscript is a foundational volume of Freemasonry, detailing the 4th through 25th degrees as they were written in the 18th century. Unknown June 16, 4: I would like to extend a humble thank you to your manuscritp and want you to know that I will do my best to represent the Scottish Rite with respect, honor, and pride.

His handsome reproduction of the celebrated ” Regius MS. His able Introduction to which was both appropriate and opportune. To be there for them is an enormous gift. The rituals of this manuscript represent their authentic form at the birth of Scottish Rite, before they were modified by Carson, Gourgas, Yates, Pike, etc. To view the video you may need to franckeh QuickTime. Efforts such as the publication of The Francken Manuscript would be impossible without the support of the Scottish Rite membership.

I will be happy to answer any question and send pictures or more videos. You have piqued my curiosity, I’m a SR Mason in the SJ, but I have heard of this manuscript come up quite often, interested to see the differences.