Having generated a number of HTML files I was faced with printing them. ExecWB Method void ExecWB (OLECMDID, OLECMDEXECOPT. I am writing a web application for IE9 and I need to open the Print function PrintPreview() { var OLECMDID = 7; /* OLECMDID values: * 6. PrinterName); (ID_PRINT, EXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER.

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If it works from “Running as Administrator”, you might be able to apply llecmdid Shim to fix that. You can try the ForceAdminAccess shim.

Aside from that, I’d suggest you use the Process Explorer from the Sysinternals suit to find out your process’s Integrity Level. I suspect your IE object’s IL is low.

Execwb olecmdid print pdf

You can change it to Midum to try again. Remove From My Forums. Internet Explorer Web Development.

  CP X3020 PDF

Internet Explorer Web Development https: Sign in to vote. I have just found a problem while printing a file with IE in windows 7 machines ok for windows XP.

An exception is thrown at SHDocVw.

QueryStatusWB only when trying to print a file! The object invoked has disconnected from its client.

So I guess that it is a rights issues. How can I work around this? I would really appreciate any help on this.

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Navigate htmlFilename, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing, ref missing. Debug “Invoke webbroswer printing Debug “Win print window has been destroyed? Debug “Webbroswer printing has ended Error “Error printing file: Tuesday, September 6, Glad you find a workaround.

Wednesday, September 7, 2: Have you tried to run your application as Administrator? Hi Charles, yes it does, but i don’t want users having to run application as an administrator just for printing,right? Wednesday, September 7,