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Each behavioral prescription isconceptualized in terms of relevance, motivation, efficacy, applicability andcomprehension.

There were identified the main meta-analysis and articles of synthesisthat show the current state of research rlemente effectiveness and efficiency oftreatments available worldwide in the field of consumption problem of alcohol aswell as a series of studies that marked specific fields of research.

The following tools have been applied to both spouses: Assertive behavior implies requesting own rights or the refusal of tasks in asimple, straight-forward, open manner, that does not aim to denying, attacking ormanipulating others, this attitude involving respect and consideration towards ourown self and others. The existence of conditioning response remains difficult to realize inpractice, phenomenon that could explain the resistance of this type of disordertreatment and the frequency of relapsing phenomenon.

In France, the alcoholic can be influenced only when his antisocialreactions or delirium cause his hospitalization, or when a judicial sentencingleads him to prison for a while.

Relationships with Ppsychopathology and change.

Thus, unlike integratlva exposure that triesto activate on antecedents of substance consumption, the management ofcontingents act on the consequences of drinking. The members of the couple have been married for eight years. Defense Mechanism Rating Scales. Integartiva defensive adaptive way, through which the individual manages psychogenic conflicts trying voluntarily to forget either the ideational content associated with an emotion or the ideational content and its related sensations.


The aim wasto improve communication between the two partners him and his wife.

Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr.1 Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Formost people, assertivity varies from one situation to another. She grew up in an environment inwhich everything was normal unless problems existed and any problemdetermined an exaggerated reaction and panic in the family.

The emotional experience that the subjects participated to in the inteyrativa self-development activity determined a series of changes in their emotional and socialanswers, and also in their interpersonal relationships. Short interventions SI SI are efficient in the reducing psihoteraple mortality among alcohol consumers. Clinical utility of the Defensive Functioning Scale in the assessment of depression.

The personality structure is sociable and extroverted, doesnot display elements of psychological or personality disorder. Read the Text Version. View in Fullscreen Report.

Elemente de psihoterapie integrativă – Ion Dafinoiu – Google Books

Typically, thegreatest problem is that this persons cannot refuse irrational requests. And o To what extent, reactivity to stimuli can jntegrativa the potential relapse?

The specific objective in this case also, is tosupport the couple in order to develop skills that can be used when the couple isconfronted with a new problem. More precisely, attribution can be conceived as a perceptive arch betweentwo points: Theory and clinical aspects.

Defense mechanisms and personality in depression.

The sexual dimension 7. The predictive value of selfdefensive styles or evaluated by observers in the treatment of depression. Development of communication skills involves an education for thecouple or a reactualization of the efficient ways of expressing thoughts andemotions, and the main objective is to determine each partner the other one andto make themselves understood in a respectful manne, even when their opinionsdiffer.

Assertive persons take in consideration both their own rights and those ofothers.

Journal of Personality and Psihoteapie Psychology, 63, She considers that she has a happiermarriage than most of her girlfriends and a good husband, but she cannot grow inthe present relationship. These results allow the confirmation of the working hypothesis.


Elemente de psihoterapie integrativă

Starting from thisassumption, I invite you to join me in the therapeutic journey of a couple that haschosen to deal with the challenges of life and develop new ways to relate. Macro-social features regarding the group of subjects are: Way to defend the individual, activated by external or internal threats, consisting in a return variable psihotreapie terms of organization and time period to prior stages such as: Highlighting positive aspects and approbation is a positive learning example for the partners, and the members of the couple discover that each individual has qualities that may ensure the wellbeing of the family.

When the former consumer, now abstinent,was among these stimuli, he would express a series of physiological andpsychological reactions which, in a behavioral plan, will determine the renewingof consumption, Hriscu Ioan, Theseinterventions vary as duration, way of application individual, groups, andcouplescontent Psychodynamic, systemic, cognitive-behavioralintensity short interventions, therapeutic programs for long periodsfocus limited onconsumption problem or the problem of the person who requires treatmentand www.

The main goal of the psychotherapeutic strategy has been developingabilities in order to build and participate in interpersonal relationships so that theywould psihotearpie functional. This facilitates acomfortable mood for the client and enables the possibility to engage in a www.

An important matter encountered in research upon interpersonal problemsis whether they function in the same type of relation with the expectations of theunconscious expectations, as it happens when it comes to the conscious mind.