Earthdawn is a fantasy role-playing game, originally produced by FASA in In it was licensed to Living Room Games, which produced the Second. Earthdawn Rulebook (Second Edition) – Before science, before history, there was an Age of Legend – and Legends never truly die For years. I really loved earthdawn and it is perhaps(imo) the best class/level game out there so I really want some info on the 2nd ed before I drop some.

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Results 1 to 7 of 7. What things did they change? Are the changes signifigant at all?

Earthdawn 2nd Edition | Awards | LibraryThing

If you have 1st ed is there really any need to get 2nd other than helping support the company that’s keeping earthdawn alive. I have heard that it fixed a couple of the Talents that were somewhat broken.

Note I havent actually seen 2e, just read a few reviews and so forth. It is a pretty cool game, I’m glad it didnt get assimilated.

I really lie the magic system, especially the whole deal with magic items and threads. Cleaner and Better Thought Out I’ve been playing Earthdawn 2nd Edition since it came out, but I have played very little 1st edition to compare it with.

Nevertheless, I would suggest that in 2nd ed they set out to do three things: My feeling is that, if you want to support Earthdawn and see it around for years to come, then spring for a copy of the rules and maybe the 2nd edition Companion.


Living Room Games is made up of people who love the game, but they can’t continue without our support as fans! Join Date Jan Location braga Posts 1, I used to play ED much more before Still I am very curious to know which discipline had the greatest changes I agree the setting is what makes Earthdawn so great That factor makes for some tension and fun as well. You know you have a chance of making extra damage and so forth. I really loved how you spent your legend points xp to level up.

Really leveling up gave nothing tangible to you except maybe one minor benefit. What it did is allow you to purchase the talents of your new level at the normal cost.

You could purchase talents from almost any level at any level. A level one calvaryman, could purchase a cool talent from the 8th level class abilities of his class. You could level up, not from having the right amount of xp, but by getting a certain number of talents from your current level and lower to a certain rank, which also I though was a cool way to do it.

Series: Earthdawn 2nd Edition

I knew of some people who never leveled up much at all, they just blew wads of karma on one or two talents becoming experts in a narrow field, but earthddawn gaining the requisite experience in a wide enough area to level up again. Also gaining another class was 22nd difficult than 3rd editions yeah my next level is wizard, I know I haven’t trained at all for it yet thing.


But it was quick, and if you had enough karma to spend could be done in a very short amount of time.

And if you didn’t want to pick up another class, and weren’t human, but you really wanted an ability from another class, you might be able to pick it up as a skill as opposed to a talent. Earthfawn being nonmagically enhanced talents in many cases. Add onto it that they ahd a lot of other cool rule mechanics and a great world and it is possibly my favorite fantasy game, and definetly more well liked by me than 3rd ed.

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