DX3R/DX3R PRO Dropdown Kit. Instruction Manual. NOTICE. All instructions, warranties and other collateral documents are subject to change at the sole. The roll-out conversion factor for the DX3R PRO radio needs to be input as a measure in feet. If the roll out from Method A (page 17 of the manual) is measured. View and Download Horizon Hobby Spektrum DX3R instruction manual online. Spektrum DX3R Transmitter pdf manual download.

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Binding is the process of teaching the receiver the.

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Unique Identifier and store failsafe values. DSM2 protocol depending on the type of receiver. Note that the DX3R stores. If a receiver is not bound to a specific.

During the binding process, the. If model three is.


DX3R DSM2 3-Channel Surface Radio

DSM1 transmitters will not. Bind port in the receiver. The amber LED will flash. Turn on the transmitter and make sure the transmitter is. Press the rolling selector to access the List screen.

DX3R DSM2 3-Channel Surface Radio (SPM): Spektrum – The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

Rotate the roller to highlight the Bind screen and press. Note that the DX3R stores this information for each model memory and recalls the proper protocol when that model is selected.

If a receiver is not bound to a specific model memory, it will not operate. During mnual binding process, the receiver actually stores the code that is assigned to the specific model that is currently selected in the transmitter. If another model memory is selected model 5 for example the receiver will not connect.

If model three is again selected in the transmitter, the receiver bound to model 3 will connect. ModelMatch prevents operating a model using the wrong model memory. DSM1 transmitters will not use the SR receiver.


The amber LED will flash continuously, indicating that the receiver is in bind mode. Turn on the transmitter and make sure the transmitter is in the desired model number that you intend to use.

Rotate the roller to highlight the Bind screen and press the roller to access this screen. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.