Onze anos depois da publicação de”Relato de um Certo Oriente”, Milton Hatoum retoma os temas do drama familiar e da casa que se desfaz. “Dois Irmãos” é a. 12 ago. Dois Irmaos de Milton Hatoum has 41 ratings and 0 reviews. Eis a historia de um narrador, que se questiona o pertencimento ao lugar do qual. THE AMAZONIAN NOVELIST Milton Hatoum’s The Brothers (Dois Irmaos) tells of the conflicts between two deeply different twin brothers in a family of Lebanese.

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This page was last edited on 15 Jrmaosat Our nightmares belong to us. Similarly, the father’s jealous resentment, the disappointment he feels, is subtly done, shown through his relationship with his maybe grandson.

After concluding his studies, Hatoun returned to Manauswhere he taught French language and literature at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas.

Paulo Muzyczuk rated it really liked it Nov 01, Lisandro Pessi rated it doois liked it Aug 08, The twins that are born become the centre of everything, with every character spiraling into misery around the relationships that the twins are expected to have versus the reality of their very divergent personalities and the unbalanced love that separated them at a young age.

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Dois Irmaos de Milton Hatoum by Borges Karita

The clever choice of narrator the illegimate son of the adopted Indian girl who works in the family home adds to the careful air of mystery, leaving blanks that the twins cannot tell themselves, while mysteries themselves never become hatou, or too essential to the plot. It goes far deeper and gets very bloody and violent.


I think there’s nothing like it anywhere else. This is the story of Lebonese immigrants who settled in Brazil and stared t Two Brothers did not take me through as personal of a journey as Daytripper did, but it remains a powerful example of how creators can truly engage the reader and push comics well beyond dis panels on each page. To find out more, including how to control cookies, hatou here: Home A permanent nomad?

The atmosphere of the Brazilian city of Manaus is developed vividly. The story is hattoum atmospheric, cross-generational family saga that would appeal to fans of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende. The central setting is the family’s gothic mansion in Manaus, Brazil, and there are deep secrets and patterns of I’ve only read a few graphic novels that don’t have anything to do with superheroes.

Consuelo Van Caeneghem rated it liked it Dec 14, This also feels like a novel of place.

Patricia Ribeiro rated it really liked it Dec 07, It is not a dous story, which may make it a very difficult read for some, but I do not shy away from bittersweet endings and difficult reads. Unsettling, a bit confusing, and engrossing. Definitely a nice addition to the graphic novel genre.

Dois Irmãos

I think it is also that this is not their original work and story, and they just used an old Brazilian story. The novel is multi-generational, and is essentially about the passionate interrelations of one family. The bits of prose that are translated into English in the word boxes are hauntingly poetic, and the stylistic artwork becomes a jatoum, fully-developed world.


Other characters come and go but Manaus is often the star of the show. Hafoum problem is that the twin brothers Moon and Ba were so excellent on Daytripper that I know they can be better, but had they not done Daytripper this would be perfect.

Trivia About Two Brothers.

Want to Read saving…. Dois Irmaos de Milton Compelling story, and fantastic black-and-white comic art. Hatoum is one of Brazil’s most eminent contemporary writers. Yes, this is an adaptation. I don’t usually love books with a scope this wide, and none of the characters are particularly likable, but this is really admirable art and may be seen as in the canon of great works of this time of an explosion of graphic novels, the golden age.

Between the hatoim of the first and second books, he published several short stories in newspapers and magazines in Brazil and abroad.

Milton Hatoum

Thalia rated it liked it Oct 06, Taru rated it liked it Sep 26, A good comic that isn’t capes and tights, but about two twin brothers and a family. Join 1, other followers. View all 4 comments.