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Relevant provisions on parental leave benefits have not been identified. Th worker is entitled to a maternity leave of 18 weeks 6 weeks before and 12 weeks after confinement The members of producer cooperatives as well as employees of trade unions are also covered by this Social Security norm.

The social security is universal and its afiliation covers all the residents in Costa Rica. Maternity protection is conferred by the Labour Code and covers all working women in the public and private sector.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Th worker is entitled to a maternity leave of 18 weeks 6 weeks before and 12 weeks after confinement One hundred percent of minimum wage plus seventy percent of the difference between minimum wage and regular earnings Pregnant workers are entitle to maternity paid leave, 30 days before and 30 days after dw or during a longer period if an illness ensue.

A pregnant woman may not be transferred from her place of work unless it is required for service reasons and the transfer does not affect her condition.

Dangerous or unhealthy work General It is not permitted to employ women in general to carry out work that is unhealthy, heavy or dangerous. This shall have no effect upon her conditions of work. Costa Rican Social Security Fund 50 per cent and the employer 50 per cent.



TRAVAIL legal databases

Four months Extension The period of maternity leave can be extended up to more 3 months by medical prescription. Benefits edcreto paid one month before confinement and three months following confinement.

A woman worker who adopts a child df three years of age shall be entitled to maternity leave for up to ten weeks. The remainder of the total leave period shall then be added to her post-natal leave. Law of Employment Benefits Regime, official registry No.

This right also covers adoptive fathers. The Organic Act on Social Security norm does not establish any qualifying condition to receive this benefit.

During 14 days for fathers up to 14 more days in case of serious illness of the child or serious health condition of the mother.

Costa Rica – Maternity protection – 2011

Nevertheless, it is said that a regulation may stipulates these conditions. To this respect, in it has been created a Tripartite Technical Committee for the Equality and Equity of Gender at Work to advise the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in the implementation of this principle.

Eventually this paternity leave benefit may be extended for up to 14 more days in case of serious illness of the child or the mother please read the field on leave for sickness of a child.

Job offers in public and private institutions shall not discriminate a person because of their sex or age. During 14 days for fathers up to 14 more days in case of serious illness of the child or serious health condition of the mother.

Maternity benefits are to be paid only if the worker effectively enjoys the leave before and after delivery. Ley de Reforma Parcial del Decreto No.

Adoption leave is conferred by the Labour Code and covers all workers in the public and private sector. It is unknown whether or not there has been enacted a further Decree or Regulation on this, until the date this up-date has been done.


There has not been established conditions for adoption leave for mothers. The Clinics covered by the Social Security Fund and Health Care Centres shall provide free prenatal and post natal care to the adolescents mothers. Organic Labour Act Overtime It is not prohibited neither for pregnant workers nor breastfeeding mothers. A woman worker shall notify her employer of her pregnancy, and shall produce a medical certificate stating the expected confinement date. Relevant provisions on paternity leave have not been identified.

In no case may employers insist that women applying for jobs be subject to medical or laboratory examination in order to detect pregnancy, or request them to produce medical certificates for the same purpose. Regarding fathers, the norm creating the paternity leave only mentions fathers without further details.

Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: CASH BENEFITS Maternity leave benefits Scope This Law governs the 199 relationships and situations on the occasion of protection of Social Security affiliates and their beneficiaries in contingencies of maternity, old age, survivors, decreti, accidents, disability, death, retirement, severance or unemployment.

The wages and working conditions shall not be reduced. The male worker shall present to his employer a medical certificate regarding the date of born of his child as well as his condition of father of this child. This protection also applies to a woman worker who has adopted a child.