textutil -convert html hive. Be careful — html with files is created in the same folder as webarchive! Also, I had to with. Thereafter I would like to turn that webarchive into an html set of . Apple people are smarter and Safari webarchives seem to tackle them, I feel. I cannot convert a webarchive file into a pdf format and cannot get it to i have tired to download safari from the web however cannot open it as.

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Need convert safari web archive files | MacRumors Forums

I managed to collect the behavior of a complex web site into a webarchive. Thereafter I would like to turn that webarchive into an html set of nested directory.

Yet, when I did it both with Waf and with a commercial software bought on the the Apple store, what I got was just the nested directory with the html page at the bottom and no images, nor css nor working links.

If you are interested the webarchive document is at:. In addition to the different look, the webarchive displays the same behavior as the official web site – when a listbox vales is selected and then the button pushed – while the extracted version just produces a page with no contents, by reloading itself rather than the official page.

WebArchive Extractor

As you may see the webarchive is over 1MB while the product of the extraction just little over 1 KB. What is wrong with it and how may I perform such an apparently trivial business with usable results? Posted on Nov 20, 1: Nov 20, 8: What I need from tra HTML page that the web archive as long as the source page do differently of all my experiments, is the possibility of selecting a line and trigger the loading of a new page with the belonging station embedded: I am not so much interested in that page so much as using that as a webarchige to show the correct one in order to parse the belonging convdrt.


Have you checked this possibility is given with your solution? Nov 20, 9: Nov 20, 1: Is it possible that a webarchive holds inside itself a sort of magic that may not be written on a book of spells?

In that case I change my question: Nov 21, 6: Nov 21, 9: As for the raw editor, have you got any suggestion for either mac or windows leaving possibly apart vi or emacs?

If any needed the site as-is, of course your option would be good, yet my need is to use that page to open a number of other ones by programmatically selecting a listbox in the page. In practice I need to feed the page with a select value and the page should open the correspondent one like it were manually selected.

The problem is that the page presently performs this feat by using scripts stored in. Thereafter having the possibility of modifying the webarchive would be just the start of the story.


Of course that would be more a Windows forum issue, but given I am a Mac fan, Apple people are smarter and Safari webarchives seem to tackle them, I feel more comfortable in proposing it here: Nov 21, I expect that other plist editors webwrchive do the same.

Nov 22, webarchivd My problem is that I would like the webarchive to shed some light on the inner working of this Windows technique to build a nuclear facility for opening a page upon selecting a listbox!

Need convert safari web archive files

So if most of the things in the webarchive remain hidden, I am afraid the shed light would not be shining What I am still looking is to have that page or webarchive to programmatically select one element of its listbox to open the appropriate page on the remote site, as the webarchive does, so rising my expectations that is a doable thing.

Converting a webarchive to html More Less. User profile for user: Fabrizio Bartolomuci Fabrizio Bartolomuci.

Publishing Speciality level out of ten: Converting a webarchive to html I managed to collect the behavior of a complex web site into a webarchive. If you are interested webarrchive webarchive document is at: All replies Drop Down menu. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Ask a question Reset.