Thirty verses proofs – No crucifixion. By Ahmad Deedat. Jesus Christ was neither killed nor was he crucified, as alleged by the Christians and the Jews, but that. The Christian stance on the Crucifixion is that through Jesus’ death and his . Ahmed Deedat was highly regarded for his Christian-Muslim dialogue and public . He believes that late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat supports the Qadiani theory of crucifixion i.e. Jesus Christ (pbuh) was put on the cross but he was brought down .

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Jesus had himself foretold that his miracle will be the miracle of Jonah! Mark”, “The Gospel according to St.

Luke, hazards a guess for this anomaly. This lifting of darkness and confusion around the position of Jesus as is summarised by the Promised Messiah as stating in his book Jesus in India: It was murder in the first degree, and not redeeming self-sacrifice. We are told that Jesus was destined to die for the sins of mankind. Professors of physiology opine that under shock, stress and fear the adrenal gland secretes a hormone into the bloodstream — nature’s own injection — which chases away all sleep.

Little wonder that Jesus was tempted physically to oust those that bought and sold within the temple precincts. They had some foresight. Jewish Viewpoint The viewpoint of the Israelites at the time of Jesus as was straightforward; had he been put to death on the cross and successfully executed by the Romans, his messianic claims had come to nought. Because he was not resurrected, not spiritualised, but alive! The crucifixion – A question of identity Who moved the stone?


Did he not send his chosen Twelve with the advice: Strange as it may sound, after every outpouring of prayer, Jesus Christ found his disciples lulled to sleep at their post. In addition to this Deedat also includes a unique collection of stories from the media of people having had resurrection-like experiences: Kersten and Gruber quote the Gospels to support their thesis; that the burial of Jesus as was never completed:.

Food only necessary if he was alive!

The Jewish leaders reasoned that this one man had almost brought the nation to destruction. The fourth caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ruhighlights how ridiculous a notion this is when taken fully literally: Both these scholars do not accept the claims of the Ahmadiyyat Muslim community and Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad asyet they both openly support the viewpoint that Jesus as survived the Crucifixion, going against the prevalent orthodox Islamic belief.

However, the most lucid, the most coherent and systematic of all Gospel writers, St.

Was Christ crucified?

They waited for the opportunity of a clandestine arrest. He further explains this point by stating:. Yet when Jesus Christ pbuh was put on the cross according to the Bible. People did not carry swords to pare apples and bananas in the time of Christ.

He believes that late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat supports the Qadiani theory of crucifixion i. Providence was out to keep Jesus alive! Tabor is clear on this in his book, The Jesus Dynastyand in personal correspondence, that his belief is that Jesus as died upon the Cross rather than survived the event:. Of the three candidates for the 3 crosses at Golgotha on the 1st Easter week-end, there were 2 Jesus’. This theory was first promoted in his booklet “Was Christ Crucified?

And the hot-gospeller and the Bible-thumper is not averse to its effective exploitation. Was he dead or alive?


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. We believe that it is a part Message of God and a part work and ideas of men. Granted, many Christians bash Islam and its Prophet also in similar manner, but I found this to be a distraction. See — “Is the Bible God’s Word? He has only touched on few of the 30 points raised by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

Sikhism, Adi Granth, Sarang, M. Refer to his book. In New York, there are only one million more women than men and of the “men” it is said that one third are sodomites!


Mark, tells us that at the most critical juncture in the life of Jesus — “All his disciples forsook him and fled”- Mark A country as advance as South Africa, like an adjunct of the U. Though there are at the moment million more nominal Christians in the world than the million Muslims, Mr. His belief is what the Quran says in 4: This booklet refutes the crucifixion from the Islamic point of view. Hart cruckfied the credit for founding Christianity between Paul and Jesus, and he gives the greater portion to Paul.

Search and find articles amhed topics quickly and accurately! What thou doest, do quickly. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The amazing thing about the Cjrist sworn affidavits writings attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is that not a single one of them is duly attested.