In Bitter Chocolate, Journalist And Best-Selling Author Pinki Virani Travels Across Accessible Yet Comprehensive, Bitter Chocolate Is Written For The Young. Book review of Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India. Pinki Virani. Penguin Books, , pp., ISBN (pb). Many things are yet unknown to Indian child feels embarrased to tell her mom about all this what is happenning to r taught 2 trust only.

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Bitter Chocolate is an intriguing and powerful book on child sexual abuse in Indian households by Indian author and journalist, Pinki Virani. Bitter Chocolate provides a brand new perspective on our notions of family honor and morality. It deals with the grave and critical issue of sexual abuse of children in Indian homes.

This path-breaking book is the first of its kind in the subcontinent which attempts to voice the pain and suffering of sexually abused children in the country. It provides condemning and shocking disclosures about men and women from middle and upper-class families who sexually abuse their children. Drawing on studies, reports and investigations, the author reveals that a minimum of twenty per cent of children under the age of sixteen are regularly being sexually abused.

Pinki Virani travels across the length and breadth of India to record the testimonies of doctors, police, child psychologists, social workers and traumatized victims. She writes about the devastating after-effects of sexual abuse and why it happens. The book also includes several case studies and practical solutions on how to counter sexual abuse. Accessible and easy-to-understand, Bitter Chocolate is an essential read for young parents.


Pinki Virani is an Indian author, journalist, and human-rights activist. She is married to a noted journalist and author, Shankkar Aiyar.

Certified BuyerCoimbatore. Certified BuyerGautam Buddha Nagar. Certified BuyerNashik. Adult Children of Substance Abusers. Usually delivered in days? Summary of the Book Bitter Chocolate provides a brand new perspective on our notions of family honor and morality. Add 3 Items to Cart. One of those books in which things are portrayed well.

It is a Must read. Those Bitter truth which would make u fall out of your chair while reading. The Truth about the child abuses that happen in our own houses. The Truth that child abuses can be done by our own family and not necessarily by a third party. Bhavana Menon 16 Mar, Pranjal Pankaj Certified Buyer 23 Aug, I have recently bought this book and iam very satisfied.

The author has done an excellent job. It is nerve wrecking account of Child sexual abuse victims and how it has affected their lives.

Bitter Chocolate By Pinki Virani –

It is a landmark book on this issue in India and has been instrumental in creating awareness on child sexual abuse, its prevention, intervention and rehabilitation of the victims.


Without mincing words, Pinky Virani exposes the dangers our innocent children- girls and boys alike- are exposed to, bittter strangers and adults in the family.

A few of the incidents make nauseating reading and force one to ponder whether we have really evolved from the apes! A must read for every adult in a family having a child between the ages of 3 and Also an eye-opener for Indian society at large. I was on the verge of depression after reading this. Such a sensitive topic completely put under carpet by family, friends, school and even media.

It;s relevant book on child sexual abuse. Let us get our facts right and this book is just right start.

Only a person of great courage and love can write on such a sensitive issue. Himanshu Rai Certified Buyer 1 Dec, Wishlisted the book for people who need to open their eyes. Its extremely informative and very touching without being sentimental.

Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse In India

Hats off to Pinki Virani. Looking forward to reading more works from her.

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