Abstract. Introduction. Subjects and Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References. Article Figures. With regard to biocompatibility, two articles showed biodentine to be better and two showed comparable results, while in the case of sealing ability, one article. The article provides an overview of Biodentine clinical applications summarizing published clinical trials and reporting published clinical cases with this material.

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A recently published article focused on the influence of Biodentine from another perspective and assessed the proliferative, migratory, and adhesion effect of different concentrations of the material on human dental pulp stem cells hDPSCs obtained from impacted third molars [ 42 ].

BioMed Research International

Similar results were reported to those by Koubi et al. A chemical activity evaluation of two dental calcium silicate based materials. Cell death under these circumstances occurs due to apoptosis or necrosis [ 36 articlrs. Tanomaru Filho, and R. A comparative study on dental pulp response to calcium hydroxide, biodwntine and grey mineral trioxide aggregate as pulp capping agents.

Similarly, in endodontic therapy, endodontic repair materials are being used, which ideally, should adhere to tooth structure; maintain a sufficient seal; be insoluble in tissue fluids; be dimensionally stable; nonresorbable, radiopaque and exhibit biocompatibility if not bioactivity.


Effect of setting conditions on mineral trioxide aggregate flexural strength. Published online Aug 1. They observed that no significant differences were found in porosity between the new calcium silicate containing repair cements and MTA [ 16 ].

A total of 52 papers were included that consisted of those directly focusing on Biodentine as well as relavant papers that do not include Biodentine but are related to dental materials in general. This was followed by the placement of a layer of resin-modified glass ionomer cement and a final layer of composite resin Filtek ZM to complete the restoration. Preoperative radiograph Click here to view.

Related articles Biodentine; direct pulp capping; mineral trioxide aggregate. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of MTA and Biodentine can be best attributed to the high pH of these materials.

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Response of human dental pulp cappedwith MTA and calcium hydroxide powder. Direct pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate: The surface of the cement observed with the SEM one week after mixing is loaded by calcite—rich structures CaCO 3 of variable sizes. J Interdiscipl Med Dent Sci 2: Biocompatibility or Cytotoxic Biodsntine of Dental Composites. Root end filling Permanent teeth: There were hydration products around the circumference of the calcium carbonate particles.

J Clin Diagn Res ;9: It is essential that a perforation repair material should have sufficient amount of push-out articlew strength with dentinal walls for the prevention of dislodgement from the repair site.


The review initially focuses on various physical properties of the material artlcles subheadings and continues with biocompatibility. Adhesive ability, Biological properties, Mechanical properties. In vitro cytotoxicity of calcium silicate-based endodontic cement as root-end filling materials.

Luo Z et al.

Root end filling Pawar AM et al. A comprehensive literature review — Part I: MTA pulpotomy of human permanent molars with irreversible pulpitis.

A Review on Biodentine, a Contemporary Dentine Replacement and Repair Material

Online since 10 th June, Clinical applications Related studies Pulp capping Primary teeth: Head Face Med ; In both direct and indirect application, Biodentine does not seem to affect the target cells specific functions. Therefore, Biodentine has a great improvement compared to MTA in terms of setting time. J Mater Sci Mater Med. Properties of a new root-end filling material. Indian J Dent Res ; Accumulation of data of long-term clinical trials after a prolonged period might lead to gathering of evidence based data; such has been for mineral trioxide aggregate.

Verona, Italy; June, Complete dentinal bridge formation and absence of an inflammatory response were observed as major findings [ 45 ]. Apical sealing ability of a novel material: