Shuvodinr Nirghonto Shuvo Bibaho Dates Baisakh- 1,12,19,20, Joystha.- 1,2,8,13,22, Ashar- 13,14,20, Sharaban – 7,10,18, BENIMADHAB SIL BENGALI PANJIKA PDF – 30 Mar Bengali Panjika ( Bengali Calendar) Marriage Dates. Bengali marriage dates in Shuvo Bibaho dates. Magh festivals,Holidays,Marriage,Upanayan. Holidays and Festivals: Marriage Dates: No Marriage Dates for this Month. Upanayan Dates: No Upanayan.

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Paresh Ratan Kundu at List of Festivals Pqnjika Apr 14 to May Joystha 15 May to 15 Jun. Ashar 16 Jun to 16 Jul.


Sharaban 17 Jul to 17 Aug. Vadra 18 Aug to 17 Sep.

Aswin 18 Sep to 17 Oct. Kartik 18 Oct to 16 Nov. Agrahan 17 Nov to 16 Dec.

Pous 17 Dec to 14 Jan Magh 15 Jan to 12 Feb. Falgun 13 Feb to 14 Mar.


April 14, Bengali Panjika with monthly calendar for New Delhi, NCT, India

Chaitra 15 Mar to 14 Apr. The messages and ideas posted on this website are user’s own views. Data delayed 15 panjiika 20 minutes unless otherwise indicated. Free Sign Up Login.


Annaprashana Dates Ashar -6, Shadbhakan Dates Baisakh- Tuesday Fol Ka Puja Thursday Lokenath Baba Ti: Thursday Jhulon Jatra Aram Wednesday Jhulon Jatra Shoma Thursday Lokenath Baba Aa Friday Jumat ul vidha Sunday Durga Puja Ashtami Monday Durga Puja Navami Tuesday Durga Puja Dashami Thursday Eid Ul Azha Pous 17 Dec to 14 Jan Surja Puja Friday New year Day Monday Magh 15 Jan to 12 Feb Ekadashi Sunday Republic Day India Pradip Ray at This would help me.

Sort of an almanac. Login to participate in discussion. Bengali Calendar for the Year Eng Sell CrudeM 1. Buy Ibulhsgfin ce 1.

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