BS loop interface – BSD AutroSafe interactive detection system. Product datasheet. P-BSD/CGB, Rev. D, Protecting life. Products 1 – 20 of 33 Autronica BS , BS 90 and BS 60 fire alarm systems supplied, programmed and serviced. 3. Autronica Fire and Security AS. Contents. Please observe! This handbook contains installation instructions for fire alarm system BS DYFI ready designed.

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Service Password protected on service level Power fuses F1 and F2 must be removed. Check all cables for insulation resistance and continuity. Do not operate any type of DIP-switches with a pencil! All switching elements are shown ON closed. All switching elements are shown ON closed Side view, cut through the switch.

Example of switch settings on DIP-switch S In this example ref. The reset number will be: Setting of the reset number on loop 01 is carried out the same way as described for loop Maximum number of loops can be up to 16 using additional modules BSD, see section 3. If none fitted – all switches should be ON. These are for setting the number of BSB modules fitted. This will normally be set correctly at delivery. Shall be open if W12 is installed. Shall be open if W11 is installed.

External fault Connection block L3. No connection of external fault input. External fault input is used.

EPROM is used to store custom data. Shall be open if W19 is installed. Communication speed for autroniica module Reset input on loop proc. If another loop processor is being used for loop processor 00 eg. BS panel with address The loop processor works normally.

If another loop processor is being used for loop processor 01 eg. The baud rate must be the same for all fitted loops. Expansion modules Setting of DIP-switches must only be carried out when no power is connected to the system. Up to seven detector loop modules can be connected to the BS panel. The addresses of each detector loop has to be set on the rotary switches S and S, located on the BSD module. They are already occupied. Location of the switches on module BSD The switches S and S concern the first additional loop.


S and S concern the second additional loop. In the figure only one set of switches enlarged. Both sets of switches are set configured the same way. S and S are used for setting of the loop addresses. These two switches should be set by means of a small screwdriver.

S and S are autronixa for the setting of the reset number of the loops. The method to do this is described in section 2. Reset of loop processor BSB 3. Bs-1000 W and W reset the loop processors. Installed strap gives continuos blocking of the loop module. Strap installed when BS is used on this loop board address. DIP-switch S1 alarm output module address.

Autronica BS Fire Alarm Control Panel DYFI BS | eBay

S1 1 Setting of the switch elements. The elements are used when selecting the number of alarm output modules connected to the BS panel. In the figure autronlca, the switch elements are set for three BSB alarm output modules connected. The table below shows the switch settings for the number of alarm output modules connected to the BS control panel. Bs100 outputs from 1 to are handled by BSJ modules. Outputs from to are handled by BSJ modules.

The lamp test function is set by means of switch element 1 and 2 on DIPswitch S1.


The table below indicates the various functions and settings: Setting of DIP-switch S1 elements 3 to 8. In the figure 3. The table below shows settings of the switch elements in relation to the number of output modules connected to the BS panel. Each communication output module BSL comprises one communication line for use with external autronic equipment. Addressing of communication channel. Configuration of data line 3.

Addressing of communication channel Configuration of data line for communication output module BSL All switch elements on S1 and elements no. The table on the next page gives the positioning of the elements both on S1 and S2. This channel is used for loop communication eg.


Channel 1B is always config. Channel 1A, 2A and 2B are usually config. Start-up procedure Start-up 4. On same panels there may be additional fuses for d. Ensure these are also removed. Now only detector loop 00 is activated. The detector loop no. Location of the fuses on the main board BSA is given on the main board cover. Do not touch any buttons yet! The equipment needs time to record any possible errors on loop no.

Leave autrojica front door open. The following actions must be taken: Repair the fault condition s.

Autronica BS Fire Alarm Systems BS BS

Close the front door. Following functions are password protected: When this function is selected, the following text will appear in the display.

The following text will appear in the display: If address B is selected for the control panel, the following text will appear in the display: Alarm delay T1 starts at ns-100.

The alarm outputs and the BMA-outputs will not be activated. Default delay time is 2 min. See appendix A for more information. Default delay time is 10 min.

null | BS-100 DYFI – Fire Alarm Engineers

This does not apply to units controlled by control outputs BU, BU The number of units may also be defined and programmed within the custom data E-prom. HIGH means that the detector requires more smoke to raise an alarm. However, it is still well within accepted limits for detection. The prewarning level will also follow the alarm level.

Status will now be updated. All detectors connected to the same loop have the same DYFI-filter constant. The DYFI-filter constant can only be changed on a loop-by-loop basis. This means that the devices must be in an alarm condition for much longer giving a greater degree of resistance to unwanted alarms. Standard value is 25,5 Volt. The following text will then appear: It is possible to transfer three different message types: