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Planned and intended means that the damage was specificallyrequired to accomplish the objectives of a formally authorized test or was the desired outcome of an authorizeddestruction 38-565 disposal of property.

Accident and incident classesAccident classes are used to determine the appropriate investigative and reporting procedures.

DA PAM –65 – AKO US Army

Training for the Dangers of IED. ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Notification and reporting of accidents occurring in combat.

Managers, supervisors, military personnel, andcivilian workers are accountable for preventing accidents and workplace illness, but the ultimate safety of human andmaterial resources is a command responsibility. Af or injury as a direct result of action by an enemy force is not an Army accident.

See table 2—1 for SOH occupational series and titles.

Army Special Operations Command. Miscellaneous Ammunition and Explosive Safety Resources. When the senior commander establishes a RSC— a The garrison RSC is the advisory body to the senior commander that gathers and disseminates information aboutthe status of the garrison Qr Safety Program. Commanders and directors of Army commands, Army Service component commands, direct reporting units, 385-655 agencies, and the Chief, National Guard Bureau.

Army Chemical Materials Activity. Note that a line of duty investigation will satisfy this requirement for off-dutyfatalities.


385/65 R 22.5

These bestpractices are provided purely for information and are not required to execute the Army Safety Program or to meetrequirements of this regulation. Further, if it is de-Civil Works activities and tenants and alent. The CG, AMC will— 1 Provide subject matter expertise in system safety and software safety programs to minimize hazards for 385-665 systems acquired for the Army and other military Services.

Augustana Dish Room Sodexo Inc. Personnel of other Services may be used as members of Army accident investigation boards; however, aparticipant from another Service will not be designated as president of the board.

These accidents will be charged to a special HQDA account unless the accident could 385-655 been avoided by commandaction.

Provide administrative and logistical support for the investigation board. The method for immediate notification is by telephone defenseswitched network DSN — or —; commercial — or — The RSO should be the recorder and will be a voting member. Accountability for Army accidents a. Exhibit knowledge and apply fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of their environmental specialty.

MATDEVs; acquisi-tion managers; and equipment, process, and facility designers will— 1 Initiate and tailor a System Safety Program according to this regulation, DA Pam —16, and MIL—STD—Efor all Army materiel, systems, software, equipment, facilities, and processes such as, but not limited to, in-housedevelopment, commercial off-the-shelf COTSqr item NDIGovernment furnished equipment GFEand so forth regardless of the acquisition process utilized for example, evolutionary, spiral development, andso forth.

Damage to Army property. Examples of wr that may beapplied to safety are rate of accident occurrence, severity and cost, compliance with reporting 3856-5, correctiveaction tracking mechanism, regular work site walk-through inspections for safety, employee a program, manage-ment solicitation, and use of and feedback of employee ARAP comments. At a minimum, these actions include, but are not limited to, the following: Safety investigators must inform thewitness that 3856-5 promise of confidentiality applies only 3385-65 information given to the safety investigator and not to thesame information if given to others.


This position is designated as an unescorted access position and is subject to the requirements of the Unescorted Access Program. Therefore, safety profes-sionals, Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Army leadership at all levels are encouraged to constantly advance safety practicesand RM by applying new technology, innovative best practices, and improved RM tools. The frequency of the review depends onthe activity level and changes that may affect the plan. Safety program planning a.

The council gives selected Army Headquarters a voice informulating Army explosives safety policy. Commanders will investigate unplanned eventsand make the decision as to whether the event is an accident, combat loss, or some arr category of loss. Knowledgeable in the application of Army Regulations to facility plans and procedures, specifically:.

The safety committee members will— 1 Review safety suggestions. As always, the Tactical Safety Network welcomes your comments and feedback. In cases where equipment involved is unique to one organization or activity at at, technical personnel from the organization incurring the accident may be used in an advisory status at thediscretion of the board president.

The notification will include as muchof the information required by the telephonic worksheet as can be determined. Instituted by all ACOMs. Monitor and prevent hazards and diseases in the work area.