See contact information and details about Airdrop – Irrigation. airdrop irrigation. We showcase two wet clean tech ideas, have any more? Fresh water constitutes less than 3 percent of the world’s water, yet. Ed’s winning design was his ‘Airdrop Irrigation’ concept, which seeks to solve the problem of excess water evaporation in times of drought from.

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I hope your invention can be rolled out successfully to help farmers everywhere!

Airdrop, Which Harvests Moisture Directly From Desert Air, Wins James Dyson Award | Popular Science

We indians are expecting eagerly for the arrival. The inconvenient truth about the environmental impact of organic farming. The Airdrop system also includes an LCD screen that displays tank water irrigtaion, pressure strength, solar battery life and system health. The James Dyson Award is open to product design, industrial design and engineering university level students or graduates within 4 years of graduation who have studied in the following irrigwtion The Airdrop design also features an LCD screen displaying water levels, pressure strength, solar battery life and system health.

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Airdrop Irrigation System Wins 2011 James Dyson Award Top Prize

The DIA provides a vibrant networking base on a state, national and airdro level. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Droughts have plagued the country recently and he was looking to mitigate the loss of ecosystems to lack of water. The Airdrop irrigation concept is a response to poor agricultural conditions in periods of severe drought. Login Remember Me By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use irriyation cookies as described therein.

This year’s runners up included a quickly deployable divider for medical settings that lets healthcare professionals make the most of available space and an aide for the blind that uses a special cane and location-based social networking apps to help the visually impaired locate their friends. It’s the best news I have heard in a long long time. See what these gents have come up with.


Design solutions can only succeed if they are affordable, scalable, and easily transported and installed to point of need. Cutting edge concepts, revamped legends and standout cars of the LA Auto Show. Tough economic times put even more pressure on budding designers and engineers. I agree to receive emails from the site. Hello Edward, I’ve just seen this – and hearing my mother in South Africa talk about the drought there and having seen the harm to crops and livelihoods, I cannot tell you how much hope this gives me.

Edward Linacre and Airdrop. Overpeople receive our email newsletter. Aleph Farms serves up world’s first lab-grown steak.

Solar panels are used to charge battery powered air turbines that draw heated air down into underground cooling towers. Through free initiatives, such as the education box and workshops, students are encouraged to think differently, to experiment, and to invent.

Gillis November 8, at Inside Dubai’s Sustainable City. The southwest corner of the country has experienced its driest year to igrigation. There are thousands of reasons to envision a design project, but the most important is its purpose.

Solar Cucumbers and Airdrop Irrigation are Two Wet and Wild Ideas

System uses ultrasound to keep bats away from wind turbines. Art Deco on wheels: And because it is low cost and self-powered, there’s not a lot of investment or maintenance involved in deploying Airdrop. June 13, 0 comments It displays reserve water levels, solar battery life and the health irigation the system. We want to help turn good ideas into commercial products. The water is then stored in an underground tank and pumped through to the roots of crops via sub surface drip irrigation hosing.

Congratulations for wining the James Dyson Award. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.


A hydrophilic skin helps to snare water molecules passing on the breeze, which then accumulate into droplets of consumable liquid water.

Device that harvests water from thin air wins the James Dyson Award

We need to confirm your email address. James Dyson Award The low-tech solution is perfect for rural farmers The Airdrop design system broken down image: The effects of climate change on Australia are accelerating at an alarming rate. The airdrop irrigation system is a low-tech, self sufficient solar powered solution; an innovation bread of comprehensive investigations into rural agricultural environments, developed through working with irrigation manufacturers and local farmers, and refined by extensive prototyping with successful results.

Edward described the Airdrop system to Gizmag at the Australian Design Awards, in a video that we shot earlier this year. All the very best to you, you clever, clever, creative young man! Airdop 29, 0 comments The James Dyson Award winners for have been announced, and the grand prize winner is a piece of clever biomimicry irrigatiob sits so perfectly in our wheelhouse that we couldn’t resist the urge to write about it.

Log In Irrjgation Up. Top 10 most innovative cycling products of The collected water is stored in an underground tank, ready to be pumped out via sub-surface drip irrigation hosing. Throwaway Passover Dishes to Fill Landfills. The self-powering device pumps water into a network of underground pipes, where it cools enough for water to condensate.

As the international furniture fair in Milan celebrated its 50th Akrdrop, the 12th annual Design… April 25, 0 comments 2. Captured in underground tanks, the air-harvested water is next pumped to plantings through drip irrigation tubing.