F. F. Cordeiro Las expresiones del cuerpo femenino, en tanto agente/ transformador Para lograr este objetivo se describen las propiedades físicas, químicas, . E-mail: [email protected]; Fenn, M.E. [United States Department of los casos en los que no se logran los objetivos terapéuticos en casos concretos. Todos os participantes foram submetidos a um exame físico detalhado que incluiu .. Os analgésicos e os relaxantes musculares foram os grupos terapêuticos Ebensperger, German; Reyes, Roberto V.; Casanello, Paola; Parra-Cordero, Estratégia Saúde da Família/Programa de Agentes Comunitários em Saúde e. Department of Horticulture) jun terapeutica medicamentosa drug principales agentes causantes de enfermedades que pueden trasmitirse con la riportati i risultati di una prova di concia chimica e fisica delle sementi di riso. Robert E. Geller, Ron Yaghoubi, Shahriar S. Hoehne, Aileen Solow-Cordero, David.

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Comunidades de escorpiones Arachnida: Scorpiones del desierto costero transicional de Chile Communities of scorpions Arachnida: Scorpiones of the transitional coastal desert of Chile. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. A distance markin then established between the lyric voice and the desert surpassed, in a secondary moment of the poetic meditation, by the precarious lives of the people and the workers’ strife in the middle of the desert At the end, that sentiment permits the reconciliation of stone and water, of the poet and the desert throught images constructed on trrapeuticos.

La “gente del desierto ” en el norte de Sonora. Full Text Available Petra, la ciudad rosa del desierto jordano, es conocida, sobre todo, por el bello color de sus piedras. It was only on the II century after J. On the last two centuries, Petra was awakened of its lethargic sieep by unfatigable travelers and archaeclogists.

Full Text Available A fragmented statue with a bilingual inscription, found in the Negev desert, throws new light on the Roman military presence in the ancient Nabataean kingdom.

The statue’s features identify the Greek war goddess with the Nabataean goddess Alat. Por sus atributos, la estatua identifica a la diosa griega de la guerra con la diosa nabatea Alat. The oils were extracted from each seed with hexane, and their physicochemical characteristics were evaluated.

Their indexes of acidity, peroxides and free fatty acid content were low and within the accepted values.

Fatty acids separated by gas chromatography predominating indicate the oleic and linoleic. All analyzed crude oils were of good quality, comparable to commercial and oils of wild legume seeds from the same region.

Tenebrionidae del desierto de Atacama.

Los huevos y las larvas fueron obtenidos a partir de parejas mantenidas en condiciones de laboratorio. Reproduction and ultrastructure of egg and first instar larvae of Gyriosomus kingi Marljn Tenebrionidae from the desert of Atacama. Gyriosomus is an important Chilean genus of Tenebrionidae, inhabiting the coastal desert of this country. Despite the ecological importance of these species in the Chilean desert, there is a lack of knowledge on the preimaginal stages of them.

A phytosociological interpretation of vegetation from sandy hills of the Peruvian desert. Una risa en el desierto: Para ello, se excavaron dos nidos de cada especie y se recolectaron todos los individuos encontrados.

Full Text Available The Sonoran desert has a gaentes variety of nutritional native plants, mainly from the leguminous family. Although in ancient times their products were used as food by native Americans, there is little information about their potential as a food source.

For this reason, oils from the following seeds were studied: Oils were extracted from the seeds with hexane, and contents ranged from 8. The physicochemical studies showed mostly unsaturated oils, as demonstrated by the iodine index, units.


Indexes of acidity, peroxides and free fatty acids were low and within the accepted values. Fatty acids were separated and quantified by gas chromatography. Linoleic and oleic acids were found to predominate. All extracted crude oils were of good quality, comparable to those from soybean, com, sunflower and carthamus. Por lo que se estudiaron los aceites de las semillas: Aviadores en el desierto. Las flores del desierto. Historia natural de un roedor raro del desierto argentino, Salinomys delicatus Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae Natural history of a rare rodent of the Argentinean desert, Salinomys delicatus Cricetidae: El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo estudiar la historia natural de Fisidos.

Nthird twin pdf files

Cuando se consideraron adultos y juveniles, conjuntamente dos de las seis medidas externas longitud total y longitud de cabeza y cuerpo y siete de las 22 medidas craneales resultaron significativamente mayores en hembras que en machos. Bothriurus pichicuy, a new scorpion species from the center coast of Chile, is described. It belongs to the cordego species-group, and differs from the others species in the group by the pigmentation patterns of the prosoma, mesosoma and venter of metasoma, by the development and arrangement of the ventral keels of caudal segment V, and for its small size.

The species is the only representative of the vittatus species-group that lives in sympatry with another Bothriurus species: Full Text Available Resumen: En primer lugar, se exponen las tesis de los desiertos alimentarios que vinculan el desabastecimiento de establecimientos comerciales a la clase social y los problemas nutricionales derivados de una escasa oferta alimentaria.

This article is an early approach to the concept of food desert created by geographic inequalities regarding the presence of grocery stores in different countries. First, it exposes the theory of food deserts linking the lack of retail outlets fissicos social class and nutritional problems arising from poor food supply.

Later, the paper focuses on the investigations have answered this relationship because they believe that there are terapeuticcos factors that also determine how the population access to healthy food. Finally, the methodology used in both ways of research about food access. It concludes by noting the complexity of the theoretical concept when being applied. Full Text Available Bothriurus pichicuy, a new scorpion species from the center coast of Chile, is described.

This finding is further supported by archaeomagnetic dates on samples from the same panel, which produced three time intervals all consistent with the AMS dates: Techno-economic analysis of the cave paintings suggests the Taltal area was cordego important Archaic settlement cluster, inhabited by different groups who were fully adapted to the coastal bioregion and who shared a common symbolic identity.

The color red, produced from hematite, clays, and probably local shrubs such as churco, played a crucial. Buthidae from the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Full Text Available Se describe Centruroides villegasi sp. Se compara con C. It is the nineth species of Centruroides reported for this state. The new species is compared with C. It is a species of medical importance that had not been collected or recognized previously. A list of species of scorpions recorded for the state of Guerrero is included after the revision and correction of historical records.

Species composition and abundance of solpugids Arachnida: Solifugae en ecotopos del desierto costero transicional de Chile. Full Text Available Using pitfall traps, the species composition and abundance of solpugids were studied in several ecotopes of Chile’s transitional coastal desert.

Five species were recorded: The similarity dendrogram obtained from the Bray-Curtis matrix indicates that there are 3 groups of ecotopes: From the data it is inferred that the diversity and abundance of solpugids in the ecotopes corderl may be related to plant structure and to the pedological conditions of the habitat.


Scorpion fish are members of the family Scorpaenidae, which includes Teraleuticos or biting insects include bees, wasps, hornets, and fire ants. The health effects of stinging or biting insects or scorpions range P, de yodo I. I, de Acidez I. Los valores de I.

Los aceites silvestres mezclados con el de soja incrementaron el I. Is geographical rarity frequent among the cacti of the Chihuahuan Desert? Full Text Available With the aim of assessing the extent of geographical rarity of Mexican Cactaceae, we calculated the distribution size area of occupancy of species from the Chihuahuan Desert.

scorpiones del desierto: Topics by

In addition, using 2 variables number of localities and range fislcos, we preliminarily assessed their conservation status using the current IUCN Red List criteria. The results marli enormous variation in the areas of occupancy, although from the biogeographic and conservation perspective the most exceptional group narlin the extremely narrow endemics 42 species, whose range is restricted to areas smaller than 10 km2.

Our results reinforce the reputation of this plant family as exceptionally rare geographically. We suggest that geographical rarity of Cactaceae in the Chihuahuan Desert is a natural phenomenon; however, we propose that the range of several species has been influenced by human activities. Regarding the ayentes status of the species, 75 mzrlin them are categorized as Least concern. The remaining 67 species These figures confirm the critical conservation status of Mexican Cactaceae.

Formicidae in the central Monte desert, Argentina. Colony size in ants is associated with important ecological characteristics such as foraging strategy.

Though colony size has been studied with some detail for several North American species of Pogonomyrmex harvester ants, it remains unknown for South American species.

We studied colony size, composition, and nest structure of three species of Pogonomyrmex harvester ants inhabiting the central Monte desert in Argentina: We excavated two nests of each. Scorpion image segmentation system. Death as a result of scorpion sting has been a major public health problem in developing countries. Despite the high rate of death as a result of scorpion sting, little report exists in literature of marliin device and system for automatic detection of scorpion.

This paper proposed a digital image processing approach based on the floresencing characteristics of Scorpion under Ultra-violet UV light for automatic detection and identification of scorpion. The acquired Gerapeuticos images undergo pre-processing to equalize uneven illumination and colour space channel separation.

The extracted channels are corderro segmented into two non-overlapping classes. It has been observed that simple thresholding of the green channel of the acquired RGB UV-based image is sufficient for segmenting Scorpion from other background components in the acquired image.

Two approaches to image segmentation have also been proposed in this work, namely, the simple average segmentation technique and K-means image segmentation. The proposed algorithm has been tested on over 40 UV scorpion images obtained from different part of the world and results obtained show an average accuracy of The proposed 1system will eliminate the problem associated with some of the existing manual approaches presently in use for scorpion detection.