For long time we fly the Extra 3D of 3DBatix, one great 3D plane for outdoor fly and low cost. It is easy fly, where can learning to fly, but the. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D was liked by 0 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too, maybe you and them. Browse Credits. Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D has 1 person who starred in or helped make this video.

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I also like nice painting or decals on a plane, but they increase the weight more than you think. 3dbatxi first 2 ‘s are hanging around waiting on better weather.

3Dbatix Extra 330

Find More Posts by wvl. Find More Posts by bdavison. I’m very interested in building this soon but can anyone help with electronics needed?


I plan on building a new extra, with all the weight saving I can get. Doing one now in EPP should be done by tomorrow if my motor gets in. 3dbatlx 34″ and 2 39″.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Haven’t been able to fly it much because the weather’s been so windy. Find More Posts by SuperLou.


Discussion 3DBatix Extra So far I have built 2 versions of this design a 39″ and a 34″ both fly great. All the blue will be yellow tonight.

BB code is On. There is no 3dbstix 3D foamie than the Extra etra 3Dbatix. Send a private message to mountaindr3wz. Style Default Back to Top. What a difference a little paint will make. One with a 32 inch wing span, and another with a 28 inch span. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Find More Posts by mountaindr3wz. I’ll have a little surprise in about two or three days. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. It’ll knife edge without rudder assistance I mean: In the link we apply the pull-pull system in the rudder and elevator, but the best difference was in the rudder, the elevator had the little difference. I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.


Perfectly designed plane that has absolutely no bad characteristics. Yeah, that’s a cool plane.

I just finished putting one together for when my 3dbatix Diablo dies. I now have a bunch of planes that won’t get much airtime with the 3DBatix around.

3DBatix Extra 3D – FlyingGiants

Send a private message to wvl. I did 3fbatix to use more yellow but some how it got red again. The latest Here are a couple of pics of my latest Extra I have two scaled down versions of it. Find More Posts by cje I still need to work on the graphics but I doubt I’ll ever get around to it. OK here we go again. But for now I just may start another 39″ version just in case I 3dbatx thumb one in!